That's me.


I am Julia Mutschler, a graphic designer from Hamburg, Germany with an eye for details and a passion for design that is way more than just 'looking nice'. I like the possibilities of conveying messages and feelings through colors, shapes, typography and composition. I love to share ideas with people from different fields, which always opens up new perspectives, so that an idea can be taken forward.


In more than 6 years of working experience in agencies and as a freelance designer I worked for companies like Henkel, EDEKA, Jack Daniels Germany, audible, OTTO, for social and sustainable projects and associations as well as for small brands that started from zero.


My experience covers conception and design of both, on - and offline media. This would be mainly corporate identity/design, editorial design, social media content and strategy, webdesign and photography. I basically offer the whole package which is needed to make your brand successful and outstanding.   

To sum it up: Let's write the creative story of your brand or future brand together!


If you are interested in doing projects together, feel free to contact me anytime! I am very excited about your ideas.