Client: Dosenfutter Graffiti

Category: Brochure Design & Text

'Dosenfutter Graffiti' is an agency for commissioned graffiti since 1999. In 2019 they planned to grow their business by extending their customer base and renew their image.

As a new image needs new visuals, they hired me to design an image brochure for them. Before I started with the design I broke down all their artworks from the past 20 years to 3 main style-categories, which would be: photorealism, arty and camouflage. The importance of the visuals as references and inspiration for potential clients brought out a layout that uses big pictures. Layout-wise I chose to work with a clean and spacious design with bold headlines, and a few 'spray-elements' here and there to underline the handmade character of their work. The wording I used goes without unnecessary details, to stir up curiosity and set the main focus on the pictures.